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5 Healthy Additions to Your Morning Porridge

Porridge...that oaty, nutrient-rich warming bowl of goodness. It has always been a staple in my diet especially during the Autumn and Winter months! Every morning I wake up excited to go and make my breakfast (please tell me I'm not the only one!). It's packed full of energy and nutrients and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, which means you are less likely to want to snack on those high calorie, nutrient poor foods that often seem more enticing when we are hungry.

I honestly don't remember a time when I didn't have porridge for breakfast and even though this may sound pretty boring, porridge doesn't have to be!

Think 'pudding for breakfast'.

I've stirred up an array of oatylicious recipes including; chocolate and peanut butter, stewed apple and cinnamon, gingerbread latte, chocolate and orange, chocolate and fresh mint, berry crumble and many MANY more. Why not give some of these a go for yourself? Feel free to ask for any of the recipes and let me know if you have come up with any interesting porridge flavours!

Happy breakfasting! <3

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Hannah Warn BSc (Hons), ANutr is an associate registered nutritionist based in Thornbury, Bristol. Contact her directly at with the voucher code 'ROOTHEALTH2019' for a free 20 minute phone consultation.

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